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Wien Pro Unicase Light

Wien Pro Unicase Light Oblique

Wien Pro Unicase Light Superoblique

Wien Pro Regular

Wien Pro Oblique

Wien Pro Superoblique

Wien Pro Unicase

Wien Pro Unicase Oblique

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Wien Pro Medium

Wien Pro Medium Oblique

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Wien Pro Unicase Medium

Wien Pro Unicase Medium Oblique

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Wien Pro Bold

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Wien Pro Unicase Bold

Wien Pro Unicase Bold Oblique

Wien Pro Unicase Bold Superoblique

Wien Pro Black

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Wien Pro Unicase Black

Wien Pro Unicase Black Oblique

Wien Pro Unicase Black Superoblique


Belarusian (Cyrillic)
Bosnian (Cyrillic)
Bulgarian (Cyrillic)
Chechen (Cyrillic)
Macedonian (Cyrillic)
Ossetic (Cyrillic)
Russian (Cyrillic)
Serbian (Cyrillic)
Ukrainian (Cyrillic)
Uzbek (Cyrillic)
Greek (Greek)
Afrikaans (Latin)
Aghem (Latin)
Akan (Latin)
Albanian (Latin)
Asturian (Latin)
Asu (Latin)
Bafia (Latin)
Basaa (Latin)
Basque (Latin)
Bemba (Latin)
Bena (Latin)
Breton (Latin)
Catalan (Latin)
Chiga (Latin)
Colognian (Latin)
Cornish (Latin)
Croatian (Latin)
Czech (Latin)
Danish (Latin)
Dutch (Latin)
Embu (Latin)
English (Latin)
Esperanto (Latin)
Estonian (Latin)
Ewondo (Latin)
Faroese (Latin)
Filipino (Latin)
Finnish (Latin)
French (Latin)
Friulian (Latin)
Fulah (Latin)
Galician (Latin)
Ganda (Latin)
German (Latin)
Gusii (Latin)
Hawaiian (Latin)
Hungarian (Latin)
Icelandic (Latin)
Igbo (Latin)
Inari Sami (Latin)
Indonesian (Latin)
Irish (Latin)
Italian (Latin)
Jola-Fonyi (Latin)
Kabuverdianu (Latin)
Kako (Latin)
Kalaallisut (Latin)
Kalenjin (Latin)
Kamba (Latin)
Kikuyu (Latin)
Kinyarwanda (Latin)
Koyraboro Senni (Latin)
Koyra Chiini (Latin)
Kwasio (Latin)
Lakota (Latin)
Langi (Latin)
Latvian (Latin)
Lingala (Latin)
Lithuanian (Latin)
Lower Sorbian (Latin)
Luba-Katanga (Latin)
Luo (Latin)
Luxembourgish (Latin)
Luyia (Latin)
Machame (Latin)
Makhuwa-Meetto (Latin)
Makonde (Latin)
Malagasy (Latin)
Maltese (Latin)
Manx (Latin)
Masai (Latin)
Meru (Latin)
Metaʼ (Latin)
Morisyen (Latin)
Nama (Latin)
Ngiemboon (Latin)
Northern Sami (Latin)
North Ndebele (Latin)
Norwegian Bokmål (Latin)
Norwegian Nynorsk (Latin)
Nuer (Latin)
Nyankole (Latin)
Oromo (Latin)
Polish (Latin)
Portuguese (Latin)
Prussian (Latin)
Quechua (Latin)
Romanian (Latin)
Romansh (Latin)
Rombo (Latin)
Rundi (Latin)
Rwa (Latin)
Samburu (Latin)
Sango (Latin)
Sangu (Latin)
Scottish Gaelic (Latin)
Sena (Latin)
Serbian (Latin)
Shambala (Latin)
Shona (Latin)
Slovak (Latin)
Slovenian (Latin)
Soga (Latin)
Somali (Latin)
Spanish (Latin)
Swahili (Latin)
Swedish (Latin)
Swiss German (Latin)
Taita (Latin)
Tasawaq (Latin)
Teso (Latin)
Tongan (Latin)
Turkish (Latin)
Upper Sorbian (Latin)
Uzbek (Latin)
Vai (Latin)
Vietnamese (Latin)
Volapük (Latin)
Vunjo (Latin)
Walser (Latin)
Welsh (Latin)
Western Frisian (Latin)
Yangben (Latin)
Yoruba (Latin)
Zarma (Latin)
Zulu (Latin)

Specimen Pdf

Download here for Wien normal fonts

Download here for Wien Unicase fonts


Wien Pro

Typeface lovers looking for a modern, well-developed sans serif font with a touch of retro and warm, individual lettering will get excited about a new addition to the font market. The more than complete Wien Pro front comes in three styles and four different weights. In addition to the upright Wien Pro there is the Wien Pro Oblique with a moderate 6° slant and the Wien Pro Superoblique with an 18° slant. Available weights are light, regular, medium, bold and black.
These fonts are equipped with extended Latin alphabet for Central and Eastern Europe and also Cyrillic and Greek alphabet.
The set of characters includes nine different sets of numbers, plus its own set for the small caps, as well as alternative characters and groovy ligatures.
In addition, all Wien Pro styles are also available as unicase with upper case and lower case x-height alignment.
The style, metrics and proportions of Wien Pro combine perfectly with the Liebelei Pro and the script fonts of the Calafati Pro.

Design: Ekke Wolf