Wienerlinien – galaxy of pixels

Wienerlinien is a versatile pixel type system inspired by the overhead displays on underground platforms in Vienna. Wienerlinien Pro contains hundreds of symbols and even the Greek alphabet. The 4 styles, Pro, Poster, Caption and Mosaique have different shapes and proportions but are bound to the same pixel grid and can be perfectly combined.
All 4 styles come in 5 different pixel shapes: Square, Rounded, Dots, Hatch, and Polaris.

Wienerlinien Pro is the working horse of the family. With a strong emphasis and wide proportions it is the best choice for legible text. Its symbols can be used for public transport and tourism matters, but also for everyday life issues and joys.
Wienerlinien Poster is a strong and compressed typeface designed for large applications combined with normal size text set in Pro.
Wienerlinien Caption offers a legible possibilty for small text use combined with normal size text set in Pro.
And last but not least Wienerlinien Mosaique, a kind of gala princess within the whole family: consisting completely of monospaced tiles filled with letters and beautiful pattern. If you ever wanted to type amazing pattern landscapes, go for Mosaique and enjoy.

Design: Helmut R. Nowak

Test Fonts

Weight (wght): 400
Italic (ital): 5
Weight (wght): 400
Italic (ital): 5
Weight (wght): 400
Italic (ital): 5
Weight (wght): 400
Italic (ital): 5

Font Packages

Wienerlinien Complete Pack (20 fonts)

Wienerlinien Pro (5 fonts)

Wienerlinien Mosaique (5 fonts)

Wienerlinien Caption (5 fonts)

Wienerlinien Poster (5 fonts)

Wienerlinien Pro Square

Wienerlinien Pro Dots

Wienerlinien Pro Rounded

Wienerlinien Pro Polaris

Wienerlinien Pro Hatch

Wienerlinien Caption Square

Wienerlinien Caption Dots

Wienerlinien Caption Rounded

Wienerlinien Caption Polaris

Wienerlinien Caption Hatch

Wienerlinien Poster Square

Wienerlinien Poster Dots

Wienerlinien Poster Rounded

Wienerlinien Poster Polaris

Wienerlinien Poster Hatch

Wienerlinien Mosaique Square

Wienerlinien Mosaique Dots

Wienerlinien Mosaique Rounded

Wienerlinien Mosaique Polaris

Wienerlinien Mosaique Hatch


Afrikaans (Latin)
Albania (Latin)
Asu (Latin)
Basque (Latin)
Bemba (Latin)
Bena (Latin)
Breton (Latin)
Catalan (Latin)
Chiga (Latin)
Colognian (Latin)
Cornish (Latin)
Croatian (Latin)
Czech (Latin)
Danish (Latin)
Dutch (Latin)
English (Latin)
Estonian (Latin)
Faroese (Latin)
Filipino (Latin)
Finnish (Latin)
French (Latin)
Friulian (Latin)
Galician (Latin)
Ganda (Latin)
German (Latin)
Gusii (Latin)
Hungarian (Latin)
Icelandic (Latin)
Inari Sami (Latin)
Indonesian (Latin)
Irish (Latin)
Italian (Latin)
Jola-Fonyi (Latin)
Kabuverdianu (Latin)
Kalenjin (Latin)
Kinyarwanda (Latin)
Latvian (Latin)
Lithuanian (Latin)
Lower Sorbian (Latin)
Luo (Latin)
Luxembourgish (Latin)
Luyia (Latin)
Machame (Latin)
Makhuwa-Meetto (Latin)
Makonde (Latin)
Malagasy (Latin)
Maltese (Latin)
Manx (Latin)
Morisyen (Latin)
Northern Sami (Latin)
North Ndebele (Latin)
Norwegian Bokmål (Latin)
Norwegian Nynorsk (Latin)
Nyankole (Latin)
Oromo (Latin)
Polish (Latin)
Portuguese (Latin)
Quechua (Latin)
Romanian (Latin)
Romansh (Latin)
Rombo (Latin)
Rundi (Latin)
Rwa (Latin)
Samburu (Latin)
Sango (Latin)
Sangu (Latin)
Scottish Gaelic (Latin)
Sena (Latin)
Serbian (Latin)
Shambala (Latin)
Shona (Latin)
Slovak (Latin)
Soga (Latin)
Somali (Latin)
Spanish (Latin)
Swahili (Latin)
Swedish (Latin)
Swiss German (Latin)
Taita (Latin)
Teso (Latin)
Turkish (Latin)
Upper Sorbian (Latin)
Uzbek (Latin)
Volapük (Latin)
Vunjo (Latin)
Welsh (Latin)
Western Frisian (Latin)
Zulu (Latin)