Ermis Pro – handwritten, multilingual, natural

Ermis Pro is a cross between a perfectly finished, comprehensive, classically cut old face type and handwriting. It combines the slightly irregular contours you see in very small letter sizes caused by the flow of ink on paper with the elegant look and feel of a serif font. This makes Ermis Pro the perfect choice for stylish printed materials with a personal touch, doubtlessly winning fans in the worlds of fiction and fantasy alike.
Ermis Pro is robust and easy to read in both display and body copy. With its comprehensive character set, it is suitable for a wide range of typographical uses.
Besides the standard Latin, the character set includes the Greek and Cyrillic alphabets as well as extended Latin with pan-African letters and the complete International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). Ermis Pro also comes with numerous OpenType features such as discretionary ligatures, small capitals and nine number variants.
The typeface features upright and italic fonts in three weights: Light, Regular and Bold.

Design: Ekke Wolf

Test Fonts

Weight (wght): 400
Italic (ital): 5
Weight (wght): 400
Italic (ital): 5

Font Packages

Ermis Pro Complete Pack (6 fonts)

Ermis Pro Light

Ermis Pro Light Italic

Ermis Pro Regular

Ermis Pro Italic

Ermis Pro Bold

Ermis Pro Bold Italic


International Phonetical Alphabet (IPA)
Azerbaijani (Cyrillic)
Belarusian (Cyrillic)
Bosnian (Cyrillic)
Bulgarian (Cyrillic)
Chechen (Cyrillic)
Church Slavic (Cyrillic)
Macedonian (Cyrillic)
Ossetic (Cyrillic)
Russian (Cyrillic)
Sakha (Cyrillic)
Serbian (Cyrillic)
Ukrainian (Cyrillic)
Uzbek (Cyrillic)
Greek (Greek)
Afrikaans (Latin)
Aghem (Latin)
Akan (Latin)
Albanian (Latin)
Asturian (Latin)
Asu (Latin)
Bafia (Latin)
Basaa (Latin)
Basque (Latin)
Bemba (Latin)
Bena (Latin)
Breton (Latin)
Catalan (Latin)
Chiga (Latin)
Colognian (Latin)
Cornish (Latin)
Croatian (Latin)
Czech (Latin)
Danish (Latin)
Duala (Latin)
Dutch (Latin)
Embu (Latin)
English (Latin)
Esperanto (Latin)
Estonian (Latin)
Ewe (Latin)
Ewondo (Latin)
Faroese (Latin)
Filipino (Latin)
Finnish (Latin)
French (Latin)
Friulian (Latin)
Fulah (Latin)
Galician (Latin)
Ganda (Latin)
German (Latin)
Gusii (Latin)
Hawaiian (Latin)
Hungarian (Latin)
Icelandic (Latin)
Igbo (Latin)
Inari Sami (Latin)
Indonesian (Latin)
Irish (Latin)
Italian (Latin)
Jola-Fonyi (Latin)
Kabuverdianu (Latin)
Kabyle (Latin)
Kako (Latin)
Kalaallisut (Latin)
Kalenjin (Latin)
Kamba (Latin)
Kikuyu (Latin)
Kinyarwanda (Latin)
Koyraboro Senni (Latin)
Koyra Chiini (Latin)
Kwasio (Latin)
Lakota (Latin)
Langi (Latin)
Latvian (Latin)
Lingala (Latin)
Lithuanian (Latin)
Lower Sorbian (Latin)
Luba-Katanga (Latin)
Luo (Latin)
Luxembourgish (Latin)
Luyia (Latin)
Machame (Latin)
Makhuwa-Meetto (Latin)
Makonde (Latin)
Malagasy (Latin)
Maltese (Latin)
Manx (Latin)
Masai (Latin)
Meru (Latin)
Meta’ (Latin)
Morisyen (Latin)
Mundang (Latin)
Nama (Latin)
Ngiemboon (Latin)
Ngomba (Latin)
Northern Sami (Latin)
North Ndebele (Latin)
Norwegian Bokmål (Latin)
Norwegian Nynorsk (Latin)
Nuer (Latin)
Nyankole (Latin)
Oromo (Latin)
Polish (Latin)
Portuguese (Latin)
Prussian (Latin)
Quechua (Latin)
Romanian (Latin)
Romansh (Latin)
Rombo (Latin)
Rundi (Latin)
Rwa (Latin)
Samburu (Latin)
Sango (Latin)
Sangu (Latin)
Scottish Gaelic (Latin)
Sena (Latin)
Serbian (Latin)
Shambala (Latin)
Shona (Latin)
Slovak (Latin)
Slovenian (Latin)
Soga (Latin)
Somali (Latin)
Spanish (Latin)
Swahili (Latin)
Swedish (Latin)
Swiss German (Latin)
Tachelhit (Latin)
Taita (Latin)
Tasawaq (Latin)
Teso (Latin)
Tongan (Latin)
Turkish (Latin)
Upper Sorbian (Latin)
Uzbek (Latin)
Vai (Latin)
Vietnamese (Latin)
Volapük (Latin)
Vunjo (Latin)
Walser (Latin)
Welsh (Latin)
Western Frisian (Latin)
Yangben (Latin)
Yoruba (Latin)
Zarma (Latin)
Zulu (Latin)

Specimen Pdf

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